The triple-win philosophy is our litmus test.

We always ensure to tick all three of our ‘good’ goals.

  • Good Message for the Brand
  • Good Message for the Audience
  • Good Message for Everyone

As marketers we believe we have a responsibility to be mindful of the type of messaging we put into the world.
This really shapes society, affecting us all, and therefore we strive to build a better world together.


Service Offering

  • Insights & Trend Research
  • Brand & Communication Strategy
  • Creative Concept & Core Messaging Development
  • Engagement & Activations Management
  • Digital & Social Media Management
  • Innovation & New Product Development

What you can expect

With a collective of over 30 years experience in the Advertising industry, both in South Africa and Europe, we bring big brand/ big agency experience and expertise into an intimate, hands-on setting, where there is real respect for our clients’ needs. Great value is placed on relationship, enabling us to service clients with mutual respect, consideration and have an in-depth understanding of the business issues we are trying to solve.

We believe in working smart, creating long-term partnerships with visionary like-minded people and pulling together only the best of what is required in order to succeed.

Smart good business.


Herman Wallis

Like you, I’ve experienced the best and worst this industry has to offer. 15+ years of observing what makes consumers tick, coupled with my in-the-trenches experience in numerous markets across several categories, has shaped my view which is not only radically different, but likely to push you into unfamiliar territories.

British American Tobacco, South African Breweries, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, Estee Lauder South Africa, BOKOMO Foods, Distell, Nestle and Media 24 are just some of the employers and clients who have helped me refine this view.

The result: A desire to strengthen the emotional connection between brands and its audience (humans) in order to solve real business problems, deliver better work and positively impact the things we care about. It’s my turn to make it matter. Are you in?

Donna Mathews

‘We really can change the world. We do it all the time, and being conscious of our impact and the effect we have as individuals and a collective, means we can really inspire and create transformation. In marketing, this influence, coupled with respect and responsibility, gives us the opportunity to do something good for mass change. Passion, vision, a good heart and experience are truly a powerful combination.’

Donna’s experience spans 18 years in the Advertising & Marketing industry working in Client Service, Strategy and Creative – across all mediums from ATL to events and digital – in South Africa and Europe. She has worked for agencies such as Leo Burnett, Grey Worldwide and DDB in France as Global Brand Director, on brands ranging from PUMA to Coca-Cola.

‘Donna has a clear understanding of the youth market which for us was invaluable in determining the communication channels and final event platform we used for our activations.’

Brett Bellinger, Marketing Director Puma South Africa


‘Building brands is an all-embracing thing – it doesn’t start at marketing, it begins at the core of one’s business, the spirit of who you really are and what you stand for, your wants and desires, your why, which flows through into expressions of brands and products and eventually messages to tell the world about who you are. It is a one-thing, and this is the approach that I like to take – always unique, always individual, always you – there is a real sense of integrity and that is how one creates and builds real great brands that become living legends.’



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